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A new take on the classic mastermind puzzle.

Work out the randomly generated puzzle using the clues provided. In easy mode you are treated nicely with plenty of help. In hard mode, use your brain with the minimal of help.





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·        Easy Mode

·        Medium Mode

·        Hard Mode

·        Extreme Mode.. So many numbers!!


·        Classic game.. use the fewest guesses.

·        Time trial game.. quick as you can.

·        Pressure Match game.. against the clock.


·        Use Numbers.. 1 -- 20

·        Use Letters.. A -- T

·        Use Colours.. 20 different colours


Levels increase from …

Get three from a possible four


Get six from a possible 20

Starts easy … ends impossible?

Bend your mind to this take on a classic brain puzzle, mastermind.

Attempt to ‘guess’ the numbers in the randomly generated puzzle by using the clues provided from your previous guesses. Each attempt will give you more information, for your mind to collate and improve the guess, until you solve the puzzle … if you can!

Each stage gets harder ... and harder ...


Do you have a master mind? Can your brain solve the highest level puzzle?


Includes a full tutorial that will take you step by step through how to solve the puzzles


Three game modes


1. Classic mode – No pressure, just use the fewest guesses as possible to solve the puzzle.

2. Time Trial mode – Solve the puzzle as quickly as possible.

3. Pressure match mode – Solve the puzzle before the allotted time runs out.


Four difficulty levels


For each mode there are four levels of difficulty

1. Easy – For each guess you get told which number matches position exactly and which numbers exist in the puzzle but in a different position.

2. Medium – For each guess you get told which numbers match exactly

3. Hard – For each guess you just get told the number of matches you have, but not which numbers they are.

4. Extreme – The number of possible matches increase to the impossible !


Mastermind taken to the extreme!