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31st June 2014

keep Kenny Safe game released

18th March 2014

Web site goes live


Keep Kenny Safe

Match the gems to mine a tunnel so that Kenny the Kitten can escape from evil Dennis the dog!!

Kenny was chased and fell into a well, Dennis is trying to get down the well too!! Mine a tunnel to enable Kenny to escape and watch out for bonus items that will help you foil that dreadful dog!

 There are a number of landscapes, consisting of differeing sized grids of gems to match. Within each landscape, there are a number of days, each day getting more difficult as Dennis's friends are trying to help him .... by throwing stones and rocks at you while you try to match the gems!








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The first screen displays the available landscapes and current progress for each landscape.

You must complete each landscape to enable the next landscape. Every day within landscape 1 must be completed before landscape 2 becomes available.

The screen shows you ...

  • The Landscape number

  • A display of the grid size and shape.

  • The number of shapes and colors for that landscape.

  • The current score and number of complete days for that landscape.

At the top of the screen and the system / navigation buttons.

  • Toggle Sound - Use this to toggle game sound on and off

  • Toggle Tips - use this to toggle the game tips on and off.

  • Game Statistics - Shows statistics on your game playing. Described in detail later on this page.

  • Exit - Exits the Exit - Exits the game.

Once you have selected the landscape, the available days within that landscape are displayed.

You cannot progress to the next day until you have successfully saved Kenny. So first time in the only day available is Day 1.

Each day gets more difficult as Dennis's friends start to throw rocks. As each day passes, more of his friends try to help and throw more rocks.

Each day displays

  • The day number

  • The current high score for that day, when complete

  • How many rocks and from which direction they are being thrown.

If tips are turned on, the first time you start to play a game, the first informational tip will display, as shown here.

These tips only display the first time the event they relate to happens.

It is a good ides to read them the frist time you play the games as they hold useful information. But tips can be turned off from the menu screens if you wish ( or turned on to refresh your memory ).

When one is displayed, tap the screen to continue.

Landscapes start of at a size of 4 x 6, and there are 3 different colors and 3 different shapes.

Landscapes get harder, both in size and combinations of colours. For instance Landscape 7 has a grid of 4 x 12 and uses 5 colours and 4 shapes.

By the time you get to landscape 14, the grid is at the maximum size, 6 x 12, and there are 6 colours and 6 shapes.

When you save Kenny, you are treated to a fantastic (!) firework display! Well, a firework display! OK, a display!!

Each day the display gets bigger and better (?)

Each landscape has its own firework display format.

So every single day has a different display.

One of them must be good !?!?

If you do not save kenny, Dennis's eveil face appears on the screen. Don't worry, you have another chance to save Kenny.

Just use the 'Re-Try Day' button and try to match the gems quicker.

Speed is of the essence when trying to save Kenny.

The game statistics page shows a number of statistics concerning your game play.

You can also post your current game total score to the high score table and see how you compare to your friends ... and the world !!!

Days Won Total number of days played and won
Days Lost Total number of days played and lost
Time Played Total active game time
Average HPS Hits Per Second average over all of the games you have played so far.
Highest HPS Highest HPS reached in any one single day.
Average HPD Hits per day average over al lof the games you have played so far.
Highest HPD Highest HPD reached for any one single day game.
Biggest Win The furthest away Dennis was from reaching Kenny when you won.
Closest Win The closest Dennis was to reaching Kenny when you won.
Biggest Loss The furthest away from saving Kenny you were when Dennis caught Kenny.
Closest Loss The closest to saving Kenny you were when Dennis snatched Kenny.