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31st June 2014

keep Kenny Safe game released

18th March 2014

Web site goes live

Keep Kenny Safe

Match the gems to mine a tunnel so that Kenny the Kitten can escape from evil Dennis the dog!!

Kenny was chased and fell into a well, Dennis is trying to get down the well too!! Mine a tunnel to enable Kenny to escape and watch out for bonus items that will help you foil that dreadful dog!

There are a number of landscapes, consisting of differeing sized grids of gems to match. Within each landscape, there are a number of days, each day getting more difficult as Dennis's friends are trying to help him .... by throwing stones and rocks at you while you try to match the gems!


See the Keep Kenny Safe details page for more information







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        Multiple Landscapes

        Each landscape has different grid size / gem combinations.

        From 3x3 grid size to 6x6 grid size

        From 3 shapes to 6 shapes

        From 3 Colours to 6 Colours

        Instant bonus items to stop Dennis / aid your tunnel digging or boost your score.

        Special bonus items, that you click to use, to stop Dennis / Pull Dennis back up the well or boost your score.

The type / color of gem that you need to match is displayed ( top
right hand corner). Just click on any item that matches, as quickly as you

There are three possible types of required matches, shape, color or both shape and color.

If the required match is just a block of color, you can match any shape that color.
If the required match is just an outline of a shape, you can match any color of that shape.
If the required match has both a shape and color, you must match the exact item.

If you cannot see a matching item, jump to the next requirement by tapping the top right hand requirement area.  BEWARE !!
If you jump to the next requirement, there will be a fall in of the tunnel. And if you jump to the next requirement while there are still matching items available, the fall in will be larger !

See how many landscapes you can help Kenny survive !!

Sample landscape images, ranging from the 1st landscape to the last hardest landscape.